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Euro-Cuisine YM80 & YM100 yogurt makers

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Yogurt Maker:
Euro Cuisine YM80 and  YM100 Yogurt Makers
Due to Electrical Specifications Yogurt Makers are NOT shipped to Canada or Europe

 US orders Only!


 YM80 - It is very simple to produce homemade yogurt, particularly utilizing the Euro Cuisine YM80 Yogurt Maker. This yogurt maker ferments yogurt in 7 individual 6 oz glass jars. It can be used with all cow milk, goat as well as other conventional milks, it may also be used with most alternative milks such as soy, rice and nut milks. Plastic (dishwasher safe) screw lids make it easy to store your ProGurt™ - yogurt in your refrigerator. The cover features a time indicator for accurate fermenting times, and the preset non- adjustable thermostat keeps the temperature perfect for fermenting your yogurt. All these features and a 3 year warranty makes it a dependable yogurt maker at a reasonable price.
 YM100This is the exact same yogurt maker as the YM80 but the YM100 a timer that enables you to set the yogurt maker to shut off from 1 to 15 hours. While this is great for making nut and other alternative milks as they require a 8 to 12 hour fermenting time. Just remember that cow and goats milk yogurt require a full 24 hours of fermenting time.
NOTE: European countries please be sure to check with your local electritian to see if the Yogurt Maker electricial specifications are compatible with your countrys electrical requirements. In most cases an electrical adapter is needed.
NOTE: Only one Yogurt maker is allowed per order for any type of shipping. If two yogurt makers or more are ordered they must be shipped seperately. 
YM80 and YM100 -Voltage Specs: 120 Volts 13 Watts 60 Hertz


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