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GI ProHealth

GI ProHealth  is a small, responsive company which was founded for the purpose of  providing the highest quality  Probiotics, Supplements and Vitamins at a reasonable price.  


About Us Page

GIProHealth is a corporation dedicated to providing high-quality probiotics, vitamins, and supplements to the general public


We are comprised of experienced professionals in the sale of nutraceuticals, as well as consultants in the healthcare profession with and expertise in Gastrointestinal (GI) pathology. We strive to provide customers with the most well-developed, tested, and effective products available in treating GI issues.


If you have any questions regarding our product, please email us:

Buying Items that are SCD Safe

 Purchasing supplements requires label reading as well as talking to a knowledgeable person. When buying supplements for the diet,there are two main things to look for:


(1)  That supplements should be free of gluten, yeast, dairy, preservatives, artificial flavors/colors, added starches, and sugar

(2)  The brands chosen must have "Current Good Manufacturing Practice" (cGMP) certification. This certification shows that the company's facilities and production practices have undergone third-party verification. This verification checks that"

(a)  The label matches the contents of the container (Periodic tests to show that this is not always the case.)

(b)  The supplements are free of contaminants including unintended microbes, lead, and heavy metals.

All of GI ProHealth’s products are made in a GMP and ISO 9001:2000 registered facility.

What this means is that all GI ProHealth's products are sent through rigorous  testing procedures before, during and after the manufacturing process. All batches are tested for up to 1 year for  strength and longevity.  They are at 100% when you receive them and we don't mean 99% either! We personally use these products, and so consider them to be the safest and most reliable available today.

If you are ever not satisfied with a product for any reason whatsoever please let us know.

 We are here to help and satisfy you.

 Have any questions you'd like answered?   E mail us anytime


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